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    22 Piece Craft Vinyl Tool Weeding Kit - Great for Cricut


    Multifunctional Craft Vinyl Tool Set: Basic craft tool set, suitable for bonding vinyl, paper crafts, sewing, lettering, contouring, embossing and many other basic crafts.

    Precise Vinyl Weeding Tool: Specially added ruler to ensure it is accurate and easy to measure size. Suitable for beginners, amateurs or professionals.

    Scraper and tracing pen to ensure convenience.

    Packing List:
    22-piece Craft Vinyl Tool Weeding Kit
    3*Silver Metal Crochet Hooks (probe, seven-shaped probe, hoe type crochet hook)
    2*Orange Scrapers
    1*Wood Color Point Drill Pen
    1*Wooden Flat Spatula
    2*White Scrapers (trapezoid + rectangle)
    2*Black Tweezers
    1*Wooden Awl
    1*Silver Carving Knife
    1*Silver Curved Scissors
    1*Cloth (14*14cm)
    1*15cm Steel Ruler
    1*Black Zipper Document Pocket

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    Supercrafts EXCLUSIVE Merry & Bright Christmas Wreath Kit



    Recreate our stunning Merry & Bright Christmas wreath with the help of this great bundle. The instructions/tutorial for this make can be found on our blog here. The fabrics in this kit are the same as those used in the tutorial. It's a fantastically Christmassy range from designer Stuart Hillard!

    Each kit contains the following items:

    • 350mm Polystyrene Wreath Form
    • Roll of Poinsettia Ribbon
    • Dressmakers Pins
    • Merry & Bright Fat Quarter Bundle
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    Dream Catcher Kit - makes two


    Native American Indians made dream catchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a frame of willow which were hung above them at night to capture bad dreams, happy dreams were allowed through the centre. The bad dreams are destroyed as the sun came up the next morning. Our kit contains two metal rings, leather thonging, feathers, assorted beads, thread and full instructions and makes TWO different sized dream catchers.

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    White PVA Craft Glue (60g)


    Good quality PVA art & craft glue. All purpose for paper, wood, fabrics and other applications. Dries colourless and flexible. The bottle contains 60ml of glue.

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    Magnetic Wrist Strap for sewing pins (Pink or Purple)


    Wonderful way to have easy access to your pins as you sew, or for removing them as you sew. The strap snaps around your wrist and the magnetic top allows you to simply pop the pins in close proximity. These are currently available in pink and purple.

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    Fast and Tacky Glue


    These glue pens are great as they have both a narrow and wide end to them. Each "pen" is filled with 35ml of glue made from a non-toxic formula which dries clear with a flexible bond. These are ideal for general household, fabric and craft projects.

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    Handsfree Magnifier


    Excellent for close up work or for those with diminished eyesight. These work really well for embroidery, cross stitch, quilting etc.

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    Prym Iron Cleaner Stick


    The Prym iron cleaning stick works reall well at removing dirt and limescales deposits and is suitable for all irons. Each stick is 20g.

    Before use, be sure to place newspaper or kitchen towel underneath the upright iron to catch any dirt or debris. This is also reported to have a potent smell, so we suggest using it in a ventilated room.

    Before use, be sure to place newspaper or kitchen towel underneath the upright iron to catch any dirt or debris.


    Heat up your iron.

    Place iron on newspaper or old cloth/kitchen towel.

    Apply Prym cleaner.

    Wipe dirt away as it drips down the iron plate.

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    Heart Gift Tags - Pack of 100 - Available in Black or White


    Pack of 100 - 4cm x 9cm with lovely heart cutout at one end. Great for weddings, christmas, wrapping etc

    These high quality paper card tags are made from 300GSM card. They each measure 9 cm x 4 cm. The heart at one end is approximately 4mm. The tags are nice and sturdy, made of white paper card and work well with a standard twine. Markers, stamps, standard pens etc absorb ink well without bleeding. These can be used for favor gift tags, cupcake toppers, cards, scrapbooking embellishment or any other kind of craft project. Ideal for clothing price tags in boutique environments, as marking tags, luggage labels or other DIY cards. Each pack contains 100 tags!