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    Flower Head / Flat Sewing/Dressmaking/Quilting Pins (50)


    This box of 50 flower headed pins are perfect for sewing, crafts, dressmaking etc. Their total length is approximately 54mm. These durable pins come in an assortment of colours, as pictured and can be ironed over safely.

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    Sewing Machine Needles x10


    Set of 10 Sewing machine needles available in different sizes. Please select your required size. Suitable for most home machines, these needles are great for working with heavier fabrics. 

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    16mm Polycotton Bias Binding (25 Metres) (Various Colours Available)


    This binding is made from a fine cotton that has a soft feel and will not shrink. This is sold on 25 metre flanged plastic rolls.

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    Sewing Machine Bobbins (25)


    Our sewing machine bobbins fit most home sewing machines and come in sets of 25.

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    Shirring Elastic


    Shirring elastic is used in the bobbin of your sewing machine. It allows you to create a smocked effect in your fabric. When using this elastic, you'll need to slowly wind it onto a bobbin by hand. Be careful not to pull or stretch the thread as you wind it. Then simply pop the bobbin into your machine as usual. Don't use this as the top thread on your machine, it's not necessary - just use your regular thread in the top. Put down the presser foot and (on a scrap piece of fabric!!) begin to sew... then sew another line about half an inch away from the first. Once you've sewn a few test lines of stitches you'll see it pulling together your fabric as it should, thus creating the "smocked" effect.

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    9mm Round Resin 2-Hole Buttons in assorted colours (Pack of 100)


    These buttons come in assorted colours and measure approximately 9mm. The inner hole measure approximatly 1.5mm

    These come pre-packed so unfortunately we're not able to provide single colours at the moment. The pack contains 100 buttons of various colours as shown.

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    7 inch Nylon Zip (Various Colours Available)


    These zips are excellent for skirts, dresses, casual trousers, bags etc. We sell these in many colours both separately and in a mixed set of 10.

    • Length: 7 inch
    • Material: Nylon

    To get the best price, we recommend buying at least 10.

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    Set of 27 (54 total) Patchwork templates


    This set of patchwork templates are 2mm thick and made of clear acrylic. Each shape comes with an outer (removable) section, thus allowing you to easily add a 5mm seam allowance to your project.

    These have so many uses! Patchwork, crafting, creating applique shapes, scrapbooking, just to name a few.

    The pieces have a backing sheet attached to them to keep them from getting scratched in transit, you simply peel off the backing once you receive them. They can be used with the backing attached, of course, but if you're wanting to get a certain piece of fabric inside the shape, their transparent property means this is easier.

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    No.5 Piping Cord (5 Metres)


    Piping cord No.5 is excellent for piping projects or as a general strong cord. Price is for 5 Metres.

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    Standard Weight Iron-on Hemming Web (4 Metres)


    Standard weight hemming web. Packet of 4 meters. This product is washable and easy to use. It can also be dry cleaned. Always remember to test on a sample of your material before use. Full instructions are on the package.

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    20g Box of General Purpose Pins


    This box of general purpose pins contains approximately 20g of pins in a clear box.

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    Sew Easy ER398 | Plain Plastic Template | 280 x 215mm | 2 sheets


    Superior Quality Sew Easy Plain Plastic Template Measuring 297mm x 210mm

    Easy To Cut Out And Shape

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    Set of 60 Sewing Machine Needles in Various Sizes


    Set of 60 Sewing machine needles suitable for most home machines, these needles are great for working with various fabrics. For information on different needles, see the chart below.

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    Open Weave Jute 10mm Wide (10 Yards)


    This open weave jute natural ribbon contains nylon for added structure. The Jute is 10mm wide and the total length on the roll is approximately 10 yards.

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    18mm Bias Binding – Black


    This 18mm wide binding is made from a fine cotton that has a soft feel and will not shrink. This is sold on 25 metre flanged plastic rolls.

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    19mm Elastic in Black (25 Metres)


    At this price, it pays to buy the larger amount whether you need 25 metres or not! We always offer the best price we possibly can on our products, and this is no different! This loom elastic remains the same width, even when you stretch it, so it's perfect for dressmaking. The price you see is for the full reel of 25 metres.

    We also stock this in white, just search: HSELAS0006

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    Mixed 2-Hole Animal / Flowers / Hearts Buttons (Set of 100)


    These gorgeous little buttons come in a set of 100 and are excellent for decoration, clothing, bags etc. You will receive 50 random buttons. We currently don't sell these separately and the bags come pre-packed so we can't guarantee the assortment, but if there is something in particular that you've seen in the image that you'd like to be included, please let us know and we'll help if we can.

    The buttons in the pack range from hearts, birds, flowers, butterflies, characters etc.

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    18" (45cm) Zips


    Each zip is 18 inches (45cm) long and is closed ended. These are nylon zips, so are hard wearing. These are sold singlularly or as a set of all 10 colours. If buying the set, the following colours are included:



    Mid Pink







    Light Gold